tomixy's biography


I'm a front-end developer for PixelGrid Inc.

I was born in 2002.

I have been involved in web development since I was a high school student.
After graduating from high school, I have been responsible for designing and implementing software in front-end and back-end engineering fields.
I’m a training instructor as well as a leading developer.
I led the study group in my previous company for HTML, CSS, VBA, and Laravel.

I joined PixelGrid Inc. in November 2022.
I have been working as the youngest front-end developer at PixelGrid Inc.



November 2022

I joined PixelGrid Inc.

I made a 5-minute presentation under the theme of “Intuitive Pagination API” in the job interview.

May 2022

I organized the study group for HTML, CSS, VBA, etc.

I organized the study group on Zoom. There were 10 to 20 participants.
I gave a lecture with a focus on demonstration based on the teaching materials that I made beforehand.

April 2022

I led an e-commerce website project at an IT company in Tokyo.

I was in charge of the database design, API design, and screen layout.
In terms of implementations, I was in charge of both fields of front-end and back-end engineering. For instance, I worked on building the screen and implementation of the form validation using Vue. Moreover, I implemented the chat and authentication function using Laravel.
Many project members needed to gain experience in using web frameworks. As the tech leader, I gave them technical guidance. Eventually, they learned to develop by themself.

March 2022

I graduated from high school.

After graduating from high school, I moved to Tokyo.

May 2021

I got my first job offer as a freelance web developer.

I made a CMS and BBS for my new client through my business activities on Twitter.

March 2021

I began to study web technologies.

I started to study HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At the same time, I began to learn Bash to automate the build of a development environment.

January 2021

I began to study programming.

First, I started to study expl3, which is a core language of next-generation LaTeX. However, it is too hard for me.
Therefore, I started to study more commonly known languages, such as C and Python, because there are many learning materials for them.

June 2020

I began typesetting and macro development with LaTeX.

I wanted to make high-quality textbooks. To do that, I started to study typesetting with LaTeX.
Since then, I’ve also been interested in macro development by LaTeX.
It led to my curiosity in programming.

March 2020

My educational materials were released on Clearnote.

I’m interested in college-level mathematics, physics, and organic chemistry.
I wrote textbooks for my learning purposes, which received good reviews from university students.
As a result, I was scouted as an educational writer by Clearnote.